What Goes Into a Full Foot Spa Detox Program?

What’s in an ionic foot bath exactly? Okay, if you’ve been one of the fans of this new trend health and beauty craze, the ionic foot tub, you’re probably frustrated that you haven’t seen some performance.

Okay, if you haven’t seen any results from your foot spa detox program, you either haven’t done all the right things, or you’ve never experienced what else you need to do to detoxify yourself using the ionic foot bath.

First of all, let’s think about detoxification, how it functions, and the usual organs involved. Detoxification effectively cleanses the blood of impurities that can occur in our everyday lives. Such contaminants may emerge from both outdoor and indoor environmental pollution, meat pollutants we consume, and other toxins we use through either narcotics, cigarettes, or liquor. We take all the contaminants into our bodies. It is the task of the liver to clean the blood and convert the contaminants into innocuous molecules that are then taken to the kidneys. The function of the kidneys is to process the toxins further and move them from the bladder to either the penis in a man or the vagina in a woman into the urine. The intestines do the job of more powerful contaminants. To help soften the strong poisons, bile bodies from the gallbladder. Such toxins are then converted into fecal matter, passing through your intestines before emerging through the rectum. The most common ways our bodies naturally detoxify themselves are to urinate and defecate.

However, if we are overwhelmed by toxins, it may be too much for the above-mentioned organs to work, and you are absorbing many of the toxins. Then these chemicals can affect the body. You may not feel good, or you may even feel tired. All of these are signs you need to detoxify.

The electrical ions in the ionic foot bath make it possible to stimulate the liver and kidneys and work better to detoxify your body. The ionic foot bath should also be combined for diet and exercise, although it plays a central role in detoxification.

Diet and the Ionic Foot Bath
Diet is very relevant, along with the ionic foot bath sessions. We eat a lot of meat, for instance, that includes chemical preservatives. This is one of the biggest toxin sources we invest in our body. You should also begin a special diet if you have a detox program including an ionic foot bath. A wide variety of natural juices are some of the ideas for such a diet. A combination of kiwi, raspberry and pineapple juice are some of the preferred fruits for the juices. This may be a delicious mix, but you want to make sure you use organic fruits. Remove fruits that appear “beautiful” and bright. Such fruits have preservatives in them more than certainly to make them look good for show. Organic fruits tend to rot quickly because they don’t have the preservatives. For those who don’t feel appetizing too much. They may not look that good, but if not better, they taste the same stuff.

There’s also good vegetable juice, especially when you’re juicing. Usually, a combination of tomato juice with garlic and green onions can be a nice vegetable juice. As a substitute, teas are very healthy. Some interesting teas are nettle tea, but mint tea and green tea can also be enjoyed.

The internet is full of good advice on how to apply to your spa detox program, and there you can get even more food tips. You should also do a lot of different workouts to calm the skin. When you detoxify yourself, stop consuming too many solid foods, as the whole aim of the liquid diet or juicing is to provide relief to your liver and kidneys.

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