The Careers of Doctors, and Dentists

Many people work professional jobs such as doctor, or dentist. People must have a Bachelor of Science to apply for medical school. Medical school is mandatory to earn a doctorate.

If you want to become a dentist, or doctor, it takes massive academic work. Be aware, the road to becoming a dentist, or doctor will also rack up huge debt. Some people go hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to become a doctor, or dentist. The life of a doctor, or dentist, is tough. Those are also high paying professions that some people find rewarding.

These are also jobs where other people’s lives depend on you. In the computer programming field people say, “No one died,” when things go bad. Doctors can’t always say that.

Medical jobs are also very rewarding for those who are passionate about healing. Dentists, and doctors have saved many people. Western medicine has saved millions of lives. Medications have reduced suicides substantially. Pain medicines have saved massive number of lives as well and reduced physical suffering in tens of millions of people.

Some doctors, and dentists, claim amazing healing has happened for patients. In one case, a teenager got a brain tumor that the doctor thought he would die. Every night the threw imaginary bombs at it, and after a month he healed. He tried to get his parents to let him get a cat scan. They replied telling him there is no way he healed. Later, he fell on his head, his parents had him get a cat scan for that, and the doctor found the tumor was gone.

Some doctors believe miracles like that have happened. Some dentist follow a similar train of thought. Most people, from the past, would think todays dental industry is a miracle.
In third world countries, only a small number of people can afford dentists. Old people in nations like East-Timor, Haiti, and Rwanda have very few teeth.

In first world nations people can afford to see dentists who keep teeth shiny, clean, and healthy. A check up, and cleaning at the dentist every sixth months is ideal. Flossing, while moving a hand in circles on each tooth is excellent. Following this by brushing in circles on all parts of every tooth is crucial. Swishing mouth wash for a minute also prevents cavities.

There are many dental clinic norfolk ne in first world nations. Most of them offer a lot of different services form teeth cleaning, x-rays, fillings, crowns, night guards, retainers, false teeth, and emergency treatment. There are many dental clinics in large cities, like Seattle, Los Angeles and New York. Almost every city, and medium size town, has at least one.

Some technologies have reduced the price of products such as retainers are now 3D printed, which saves money. Science continues to improve medicine. If you want to become a doctor, or dentist, it is a serious job. These are well respected professions that the right person is excellent at. It takes a compassionate heart to be successful in the medical field.

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