Dealing with Alcoholism- Where to Get Help


A huge majority of American have tasted alcohol at some point in their lives. Unlike other drugs, alcohol is legal and widely available. People enjoy alcohol in their homes and almost every social gather. But what starts as social drinking could easily turn a problem that takes a toll on your health and life. Alcoholism has destroyed many families, broken relationships, and even killed a lot of people.

According to experts, alcoholism is the most severe form of alcohol abuse, and it refers to an individual’s ability to control their drinking habits. In the medical arena, it’s known as alcohol use disorder. Scientists have tried to relate to how factors such as sex, genetics, socioeconomics, and race can trigger alcoholism without success. Alcoholism can be caused by a combination of factors that include genetic, psychological, and behavioral factors.

Numerous studies have shown that alcoholism is a disease. Prolonged alcohol use can cause changes in a person’s brain, so an individual batting alcohol addiction may not be in full control of their actions. Alcoholism may show differently for different people depending on how often an individual drink and the alcohol they drink. Some people may turn into heavy daily drinkers while others may stay sober for a while after an episode of binge drinking.

Categories of Alcoholism

Alcohol use disorder may be categorized into mild, moderate and severe alcoholism. Each of these categories has symptoms that can result in harmful side effects. Mild and moderate alcoholism can easily spill out of control if left untreated. Alcoholism makes an individual dependent on the substance, and lack of alcohol in the body may make the person feel as though they have lost control of their lives.

If you have been suffering from alcoholism in silence, it’s time to get some help. There are different treatment options for alcohol use disorder that can help you to take charge of your life. Learn more about the available treatment options at sites like

Why Do People Abuse Alcohol?

As highlighted earlier, most of the people start as social drinkers, and with time, they turn into heavy drinkers for various reasons. The most common reasons include:
To relieve stress: some people may turn into alcoholism as a means of relieving life stressors. Just like many drugs, alcohol produces anti-depressant and sedative effects. Unfortunately, frequent drinking of alcohol builds tolerance, which causes an individual to drink more for the same effects.

Coping with loss: Losing a job, a family member, or even a friend can take a toll on an individual’s physical and emotional wellbeing. While drinking alcohol can provide relief during the difficult times, the habit can spill out control to become a serious drinking problem.

To feel good: Consuming alcohol can help your brain to escape from reality for a short while. It can provide some temporary relief to burning issues in your mind. However, continued use of alcohol to escape from reality could easily turn into a serious drinking problem. Drinking too much alcohol either on a single occasion or long term can have devastating effects on your health and your life and those around you.

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