Medical Professionals and Alcoholism: How these Two Entities Relate to Each Other


Medical facilities know that alcohol abuse is a real problem for millions of people. Alcohol is a substance that flows freely in the U.S. and it is not hard to get. Easy access to alcohol increases a person’s chances of becoming addicted to this substance. Hospitals and medical facilities all over the nation do their best to help people who suffering from this disease.

The Effects of Alcohol on a People’s Health

The health field knows about the devastating effects that alcohol has on a person’s body. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcoholic substances can alter a person’s ability think and function clearly. This substance is also known to mess up a person’s heart through the process of stroke and high blood pressure. Many people who consume alcohol suffer from severe liver problems. This typically includes conditions such as cirrhosis and fibrosis. Pancreatitis is also another problem that develops from this condition. Alcohol also helps to increase a person’s risk of cancer. Hospitals know that when a patient is suffering from one or more of these types of conditions, there’s a strong possibility that alcohol was involved.

Medical Professionals Are Better Prepared for their Parents Alcohol Problems

The WBUR radio station reported a story about doctors failing their patients when it came to alcohol. At least 88,000 people a year die from some alcoholic related condition. Alcohol related deaths are preventable. However, medical professionals were complaining that they are under-trained, underfunded and under supported in this area. Medical professionals also state that their profession as a whole does not take this problem seriously. One of the biggest problems that health professionals face with alcohol use are the social attitudes. One way they can figure out if a person has issues with alcohol is by using an alcohol drug test. Sites such as has kits for this purpose.

Medical Professionals Deal with Patient Alcohol Related Problems

Medical professionals now deal with patient alcohol abuse problems. They can detect this problem when it shows up through conditions and illnesses. They also detect problems with alcohol through exams and by testing a patient’s blood. Once a problem is discovered they can then make referrals to places that can help patients to overcome these problems. Medical professionals are also trained to discover how patients are impacted by alcohol and its long term effects on their bodies, minds and mental health.

A Person’s Mental Health and Alcohol

Once again, alcoholism can alter a person’s behavior. Frequent use of this substance can even make people act in way that is opposite of who they are. In the past, medical professionals never really associated mental health issues with this substance. They knew that people acted foolishly because of alcohol. However, long term alcohol use could cause people to behave like something is wrong with their minds. Medical researchers are still discovering how alcohol impacts a person’s mind. Ultimately, medical professionals want to ensure that people with alcoholism can find the help they need to overcome this problem.

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