Abs Made Easy

Abs Made Easy

Seeing all the “after” pictures of people with great abs can be a bit intimidating. This is the look that everyone wants but they are not sure they can put in the work to it done. Let’s be honest a lot of people find abs a very difficult muscle group to train. But if you follow these guidelines you will find its not as hard as you think to get great abs. For starters you need to understand a little bit about abdominal muscles. They are actually not one muscle but a group of muscles that are located right above organs like your liver and kidneys. As you probably know this is where most people gain weight when they do have excess fat. As you age or start sitting around it is easy to put on a few pounds and get a pot belly. This is what most people want to lose when they talk about losing weight or getting in shape. Since your abs are located in the middle of your body and most of us put on fat in that area of our bodies it should not be a surprise that you really have to watch your eating. If you want to achieve that cut, chiseled ab look you need to regulate the number of calories you eat. First, find out how many calories your body really needs and then stick to it. We are not talking about food types here, just calories. That is because all the work you put in training will not get you the results you want if you are consuming too many calories. Everyone should have a plan and your plan should include your food intake. Stick to it and you will see results.

The next step is to include at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise into your workout routine. Cardiovascular exercise forces your body to increase your heart rate until it moves into what is known as the fat burning mode. Elevating your heart rate into fat burning mode stimulates your muscles to begin burning up the stored fat in your body so that it can use it as fuel. Ensure that your cardiovascular routine is varied and not repetitive. Having a varied routine ensures that you shock your muscles so that they do not get used to the exercises and continue to burn fat at an optimal rate. Burning off fat that is stored in the body is imperative because once all the fat has been used up, the muscles begin to strengthen and become more defined. The last step in obtaining defined abdominal muscles is by focusing on all the major abdominal muscle groups and working them out individually; exercises such as abdominal crunches, bicycles, standing sit ups and leg lifts all target different abdominal muscle groups. It is best to focus on one set of muscles a day. This allows the other muscles to rest while they are not being conditioned. Also, be sure to have a rest day where there is no physical conditioning at all. Your body needs to recover in order for the muscles to strengthen. In conclusion, the best way to get abs are through a balanced diet, a varied cardiovascular exercise plan and a focused abdominal muscle work out plan. Incorporating these elements into your fitness regime will ensure that through some hard work and dedication, the elusive six pack abs will be yours.

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