Few Informative Facts about Laser Eye Surgery and Its Benefits

Laser surgery is playing a pivotal role in eye surgery because of its various benefits that are parred excellent compared to the other forms of surgeries. In the last three decades people prefer to get laser surgery to treat their eye vision issues. Many of them have vision problems like long or short sightedness. The latter eye disorder is very common in many countries including Australia.

Glasses and contact lenses do help in rectifying the vision however there is not very comfortable. The basic reason why people living in Canberra, Sydney and in New South Wales try to seek the best eye surgeons is to get clear vision, which will help them lead a lively and productive life.

Their search ends once they visit Personal Eyes clinic. There they provide all kinds of treatment at reasonable cost. The clinical staff members believe in providing quality eye treatment totally beneficial for their patients. Their laser treatment is talk of the town since few years, thus it is best to have prior appointment before you visit the place where your vision will be corrected with ease.

Now more about Laser surgery:

  • Reasons to get laser surgery:
    • You will enjoy a better vision and be free from wearing glasses and fixing contact lenses.
    • The wounds heal faster and post care is quite less compared to other forms of eye surgeries.
    • There are negligible side effects.
    • The surgery takes less time, and thus you will be back to rest in an hour.
    • It is suitable for elderly people as well.
    • Most of the common eye issues are treated thus, convenient to do all work with clear vision.
    • Waiting period after surgery is quite less thus you are back to enjoy normal eye vision within few days of time.
  • The way laser surgery works:
    • It is an irreversible method quite useful to permanently change the curvature of eye’s cornea. Well experienced ophthalmologist does the surgery process assisted with computer control excimer laser that aids to reshape the cornea by using ultra violet rays.

Types of laser surgery:

  • Photorefractive keratectomy – In short, known as PRK is the best to have slight rectification done to get clear straight vision. There won’t be any blurry vision to endure in few days of surgery.
  • LASIK procedure of laser eye surgery – The scientific term is Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis). It is most popular one and includes two steps of surgery process.  The initial step involves lifting the flap of the cornea and in the second step correcting the vision. Then the flap is placed back and you will be able to see clearly within a couple of days.
  • SMILE or clinically named as Small Incision Lenticule Extraction. Laser technology is used to cut a disc in the cornea that is removed to improve vision of the patient.

Your eye surgeon will decide the best type of laser operation suitable to improve your eyesight. Laser eye surgery causes lesser discomfort and has negligible side effects. All you need to do is visit the best skilled Ophthalmologist and get your laser eye surgery done to enjoy clear eye vision.


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