Energy Supplement Strategies Like The Pros

Whether you are an occasional athlete or a high level athlete, you probably know that there is no secret to have strong health and good performance: a balanced diet is the basis of everything. What are the most interesting food supplements to overflow with energy without overloading your body?

The specific nutritional needs of athletes

Regular athletes have increased caloric needs, but not only that. Their metabolism is profoundly modified by intense sports practice, and it is therefore all of their nutritional needs that are different. Thus, athletes who are looking to gain muscle mass will need more proteins, which are the essential constituents of muscles. The endurance athleteswill have to manage their carbohydrate intake in order to provide their body with enough fuel for a long-lasting effort. As for those who wish to “dry out” their figure, it will be important to limit lipid intake, while absorbing enough energy to conserve and maintain muscle mass. And here comes Energy Supplement to boost it up. The Vitalyze supplementation plays a major role into nutritionalrequirements.

Energy food supplements for athletes

The bars and energy drinks are a good source of calories for athletes, particularly during exercise. However, the metabolism being a set of complex chemical reactions, many other nutrients participate in the management and use of this energy by the body, according to specific biological mechanisms.

The proteins and amino acids: while the proteins are especially useful in times of muscle mass gain, some amino acids are interesting for all. The best known are BCAAs, which reduce lactic acid production and the breakdown of muscle protein, and glutamine, a deficiency of which can cause the body to break down protein in muscles, but which also has the ability to strengthen the system.

The minerals and trace elements:

  • The zinc allows the functioning of dozens of enzymes metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and is essential to the production of energy;
  • The iron is a component of hemoglobin and thus participates in tissue oxygenation (its deficiency especially for women); the magnesium plays a vital role in muscle contraction, but also in the nervous system;
  • The omega-3 found particularly in oily fish reduce the inflammation;
  • The hyaluronic acid and collagen, naturally present in the body, may be taken in addition to enhance the elasticity of joints;

The vitamins may be especially useful in cases of fatigue, infection or seasonal changes.

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