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Cardiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study of cardiovascular pathologies. The functioning of any organ is closely related to the work of other systems, therefore cardiology is directly related to related areas.

What diseases does a cardiologist treat?

  • The specialist is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases such as:
  • Angina pectoris;
  • Heart rhythm disturbances;
  • Ischemic heart disease;
  • Aneurysms;
  • Arrhythmias;
  • Hypotension;
  • Hypertension;
  • Congenital and acquired defects;
  • Heart attack, etc.

A systematic and timely visit to a specialist is a normal practice abroad, which, unfortunately, has not yet become a habit. It is generally accepted in medical circles that a timely visit to a specialist could save about 200,000 patients.

Be sure to consult a cardiologist for advice in such cases:

  • Heavy sweating;
  • A rapid increase in body weight;
  • Soreness in the chest area;
  • Heart rhythm disturbances;
  • Dizziness;
  • Exhaustion;
  • Strong heartbeat.

In the presence of diabetes mellitus, consultations with a cardiologist are also necessary. Arising violations of contractions of the heart muscle, rhythm lead to arrhythmias. The definition of disturbed rhythms depends on the place of their origin. There are sharp increases, incorrect, extraordinary contractions. If they are found, you should undergo a comprehensive examination to identify violations.

Consultation and reception of a cardiologist in Podolsk

For help, you can go to both public and private clinics. Good paid cardiologists work in cardio care. In a medical institution, only qualified specialists with extensive experience are received. To find out the price of a cardiologist’s appointment, call the phones listed on the website, the manager will also help you choose a convenient time for your visit.

Remember that ignoring symptoms is the path to long-term treatment. For the correct diagnosis, you should undergo an initial examination, instrumental diagnostics, only after that the specialist, based on the collected anamnesis, the manipulations passed, will prescribe an effective treatment. Do not forget about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases proper nutrition and daily routine, walking in the fresh air are the key to your health!

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