How to Get Shiny Hair in Summer

Summers are notorious for killing hair’s natural shine because of sun, salt-water, pool-water, wind, and dust. These things can weaken and damage the hair giving you straw-like and dry hair. Moreover, the highlights and hair colour can also weaken the strength of your hair which is further damaged during summers.

However, we have a few simple steps and tricks that you can follow to ensure that you have long, lustrous and shiny hair throughout the summer.

Keep your Hair Covered

By keeping your hair covered, you will reduce the exposure to sun and other elements. Wearing a hat made of light fabric such as cotton or jute will help you protect your hair against direct sunlight and keep you cool. Spray on SPF products don’t have wide coverage and can also have opposite effects due to the chemicals present in them.

Rinse Well

It is important to clean your scalp and hair thoroughly using a scalp cleanser as dirt and oil can accumulate on your scalp, causing a blockage in hair follicles. These blockages will result in damaged hair as your hair will not get the proper nutrition and moisture from your scalp. Moreover, if you have hair colour and your blond hair has turned green, you should use a copper-removing shampoo to hydrate your hair and keep it shiny.

Natural Products

Use only natural ingredient products on your hair as chemical based products can suck the moisture out of your hair, making it lose its shine. All-natural products have several herbs and compounds that keep your hair healthy and help in restoring its natural shine. You should opt for a brand such as Coco Soul that offers 100% natural and cruelty-free products such as Coco soul Conditioner enriched with Coconut Oil, Hibiscus and Lunuwila.

Let your Hair Rest

Excessive use of hair care products and drying using a blowdryer can put a strain on your hair, causing them to become dry and dull. Once in a while, let your hair dry naturally and use only natural products such as hibiscus. There are several hibiscus benefits for hair and can restore the natural glow and shine of your hair.

Replace Hydration

Summer heat can quickly dehydrate your hair, which worsens if your hair is bleached and processed. Opting for leave-in moisturisers or natural hair care products such as coconut oil can help to replenish the lost moisture and nourish your hair. You should apply the leave-in moisture only on your roots to avoid greasy scalp and roots.

Avoid Peroxide and Lemon Juice

There are several tricks that state you can get natural highlights by using lemon juice or peroxide and sitting in the sun. However, what they fail to mention is that using these products will damage your hair tremendously and will give you straw-like hair. If you are looking to get a hair colour change, go to a professional who will guide you through the process correctly, depending upon the texture and health of your hair.

These are some of the easiest tips and tricks to follow to have healthy and shiny hair in summers. While following these tricks, make sure not to go overboard for quick results as you might end up making your hair more damaged.

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