4 Questions to Ask Before Continuing With Your Current Fitness Business Software

When was the last time you thought about the software used to operate your gym or other fitness studio? If you are like many owners, the software was purchased several years ago and little has changed. Maybe you’ve done an upgrade or two, or possibly invested in an add-on. Have you considered there may be something better on the market today? Ask yourself these four questions; the answers will help you decide if it’s time to look at a completely different software product.

Does It Still Meet My Needs?

The current software was purchased because it was a good fit for your business at the time. What’s changed about your operation? Perhaps you have more clients now. Maybe you offer a wider range of fitness classes, courses on diet, and other options that were not part of the original setup.

It does seem as if the software has trouble keeping up with everything you do these days. It was just yesterday that a member of your staff attempted to help a client with a couple of mindbody login problems. You’ve also noticed that the software is slower to respond when you need to create a custom report. Consider the idea that the software is no longer meeting the needs of your business and see if a different product would be a better fit.

Would Add-Ons Make It More Functional?

Most software can be enhanced by downloading add-ons. You could invest in a few and see if that would bring your current software more in line with what’s needed these days. On the other hand, now would be a good time to find out if there is a program out there that already includes everything you need. That would save you the time and trouble of having to purchase more add-ons and possibly ending up with something that still doesn’t work the way you’d like.

What Do I Think of the Customer Support?

What happens when you have a question or concern about the software? Is it easy to reach out to a customer support team and get the help you need? Do they seem to be slow to respond or appear to be reading from a script? If you suspect that the mindbody support you receive with the current software is not all that helpful, why not look at other software options? Along with researching the software, you can also find out what their current clients have to say about the quality of the customer support they receive.

Do My Clients Have the Features They Need?

You already know that retaining clients requires keeping them happy. Along with ensuring the facility is up to date and they have access to classes and fitness training, make sure the app they use to access their accounts works efficiently. Have you noticed a trend of recurring problems using the app? When the problems keep coming and you get little to no helpful support from the customer service team, it’s time to see if there’s something better out there.

You get to decide what type of gym or fitness software fits your business model. Conduct a full evaluation of what’s in place and see if it meets your needs and the needs of your clients. If not, it’s time to make a change.

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