Discovering the Brain Recovery Methods with Dr. Curtis Cripe

The structure and the working of a human brain are equally complex, rendering it to be one of the most difficult organs to be studied efficiently. Dr. Curtis Cripe from Arizona however, has acquired immense knowledge on the subject and various others including neuroengineering, and has carved a niche for himself in the medical field with his researches with the NTL group. The primary focus of these excellent researchers is to provide help to more and more individuals who are struggling with numerous neurological and brain disorders. They are constantly working on devising easy and novel brain recovery methods to alter the lives of innumerable afflicted people across the globe.

While Dr. Curtis and his team are mainly focusing on Traumatic Brain Injury, the brain is also capable of suffering from a Non-traumatic brain injury, and there are several individuals who are prey to this predator as well. A non-traumatic brain injury is basically one that does not involve any kind of physical hurt being inflicted on the individual such as an accident. Instead it occurs due to the presence of something inside the physiology of the person.

It can be called the trauma on the psyche of the afflicted as opposed to the physical trauma in case of a TBI, which Dr. Curtis Cripe speaks of in details in his blogs. It is because this is more psychological in nature that the emotions are highly challenged at times and thereby need instant attention and treatment. Some of the major contributors to this non-traumatic brain injury include:

  1. Tumors: it is not necessary that all brain tumors lead to cancer some can be as benign as to cause a trauma to the brain. A tumor can cause unwanted pressure on specific parts of the brain or keep it from receiving enough oxygen, as is required for its optimal functioning.


  1. Brain Hemorrhage: whenever there is any kind of bleeding in the brain, the condition is termed as a hemorrhage, and it is often caused due to some sudden hit on the head, or if a blood vessel is broken. As a matter of fact, even a tumor or infection in the brain can be traumatic. In some cases the bleeding is temporary and in some damaging or even fatal.


  1. Infections: the bacteria that enters into the brain through an injury of some kind is responsible for causing malfunction in this important of the human body. One of the most common brain infections is meningitis, which has both the bacterial and viral versions.


  1. Stroke: commonly known as a cardiac arrest immediately cuts off the blood supply to the brain taking it into a state of trauma. Another condition known as the transient ischemic attack is also responsible in a similar way of affecting the brain.

There are several other causes to a non-traumatic brain injury; however being careful is the best way to avoid such deadly situations.

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