Does Face Mask Can Really Protect You from Different Viruses?

As soon as corona virus started affecting many people all over the country as well as in other parts of the world, people become highly concerned about their protection from this unknown virus. As an immediate measure, people had started using whatever masks available in the market.

As a result, there was severe shortage of these masks in the hospitals who were actually using them while treating their patients in the hospital. Initially, the government put restriction on common people to use N95 masks as there was serious short supply of them.

However, now these protective N95 face masks available in large quantities for low prices on the website of, where you can get many different varieties and sizes of these masks.

However, how much protection these masks can offer to us against this new virus, which has taken a toll in almost every corner of the world. Let us see, what are the various masks that people are using these days to protect themselves?

  1. Home-made cloth masks

CDC has approved use of face masks that people can also make at home by using cloth, while moving in the public places. However, at the same time, you need to maintain a safe distance from people, so that their droplets will not be able to reach you.

Though such face masks will not offer you complete protection against this virus, but people can protect them to some extent. These masks can be prepared from fabric like cotton that is mostly used in your T-shirts.

  1. Surgical masks

These surgical face masks will be comparatively quite loose-fitting type of disposable masks. These masks are approved by the FDA for medical use where doctors, nurses and dentists often wear while treating their patients.

Such kind of masks is able to prevent large droplets that may contain any germs or viruses to escape via nose or mouth. Also, they can protect against sprays and splashes from other people, like those who coughs or sneeze.

  1. N95 masks/respirators

Another mask called as N95 respirators are designed for protecting the person wearing them from small particles present in the air, such as viruses. CDC has also certified them for use when corona virus started spreading.

It is named as N95 because of the fact that these masks can filter out 95 percent of various airborne particles, as claimed by CDC. People also use these N95 masks while doing painting work or while handling any toxic material.

You need to choose these respirators based on the size and type of your face. It is essential that they must perfectly fit your face and seal all gaps so that no airborne viruses can enter.

Mostly healthcare professionals and workers use these respirators to protect against all kind of airborne infectious diseases, like tuberculosis and anthrax.

These respirators are able to protect against large as well as small particles. As a whole, respirators are now considered as more effective to prevent the flu virus as compared to any other regular face masks.

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