Exercises for the legs: the perfect workout

Why you shouldn’t neglect leg exercises

Legs form the largest muscle group in the body and are therefore crucial for general fitness. For this reason, you should not neglect the leg muscles in addition to the abdominal muscles during a workout. It can be divided into four groups that you can train specifically: the quadriceps (front), the leg biceps (back of the leg), the gluteal muscles (buttocks) and the calf muscles. Various leg exercises are recommended to form

these leg muscles and the adductors (muscles for pulling a body part). Optimally, for example, the leg exercise ” squat“, which strains the entire leg muscles. But lunges or leg presses are also suitable for holistic” belly legs butt “training. Tip: If you use dumbbells, you also train your arm muscles – and thus kill two birds with one stone. Sport and one, By the way, healthy eating is the most effective way to fight cellulite, so a workout doesn’t just pay off in terms of fitness.

Leg exercises: a combination of strength and endurance

The following program combines endurance exercises with muscle strengthening exercises for taut legs and a firm bottom – always in alternation. It starts with an endurance exercise that brings plenty of oxygen into the blood and thus into the muscles. The pulse comes to 110 to 130 beats per minute (depending on age).

It continues with a strength exercise that is repeated 60 times to fully utilize the energy of the muscles and to increase the number and volume of their energy suppliers (mitochondria) as quickly as possible. So when the muscles start to burn, it shows that the muscle building is working optimally – and that fat burning is going well.

In the end, it’s cooldown: The stretching exercises relax the muscles and help them to recover more quickly from training. The whole training takes about 25 minutes. Anyone who practices three to four times a week will see their first successes after about four weeks. Put on your favorite CD and off you go – music makes training more fun.

Exercise for the legs # 1

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Go on the spot for a minute, but with power: pull your knees up, your feet roll properly from your toes to your heels. The knees remain slightly bent. Bend your arms and let them swing vigorously.

Muscle strength: for the hips and the outside of the thighs

Lie on the left side, the head is on the arm, with the right hand you support yourself against the body. Both legs are slightly bent. Now, when exhaling, raise your right leg at waist level, lower it again when inhaling, but do not lay it down completely. Do not tilt your hips back, tense your stomach. Raise and lower the leg twenty times, then switch sides. Loose your legs in between. Do the exercise twice per side.

Exercise for the legs # 2

Endurance: Step Touch

Put one foot to the side and pull the other one. Always right and left alternating. The knees remain slightly bent, the upper body is straight. The arms are angled and swing freely. Repeat these step touches for a minute.

Muscle strength: for the inside and outside of the thighs

Lie on your back and raise your feet waist-wide. Raise the pelvis. The upper body and thigh form a line. Extend your thighs as you exhale and bring them back together as you inhale. The bottom remains tight. The thighs are opened and closed 20 times. Lie on your back, relax briefly. Then repeat the exercise a second time.

Exercise for the legs # 3

Endurance: arm extension Stand

shoulder-width apart and shift your body weight from one foot to the other. Then join the arms: bend your standing leg slightly, go up on tiptoe with the other and also stretch your arm high above your head to the ceiling. Alternating right and left for one minute.

Muscle strength: for the bottom

Go into the quadruped position and support the forearms, the elbows are below the shoulders. Now stretch your right leg backward as you exhale and slowly lower as you inhale. The leg remains stretched. When exhaling, raise it back to the buttocks. Attention: The back remains straight, do not make a hollow back. Raise and lower the leg 20 times, then change sides. Occasionally sits on his heels. Repeat the exercise twice per side.

Exercise for the legs # 4

Endurance: V-Step

Stand loosely, your feet are side by side. First, put your right foot diagonally forward (outside), then your left. Go back to the starting position with the right and then with the left. The feet go a “V”. Those who have internalized the process use their arms: right foot in front, right hand in the back of the head, left foot in front, left hand in the back of the head. Clap your hands twice as you step back. In between switch sides and start with the left foot. Do this exercise for a minute.

Muscle strength: for buttocks and thighs

Lie on your back, put your right foot on. Now lift your left leg together with your buttocks. Stretch it out as you exhale and bend it as you inhale. Repeat this movement 20 times. Tense your stomach and butt tightly. Change sides. Repeat the exercise twice per side. Shake your legs in between.

Exercise for the legs # 5

Endurance: Leg curl

Go into the light tackle, the knees are slightly bent, the arms are bent forward. Now lift your right heel towards the buttocks. In doing so, loosely move your elbows backward . Then lift your left heel to your buttocks, your elbows back – and so on … Repeat this exercise for a minute.

Muscle strength: for the stomach

Lie on your back, feet up hip-width apart. As you exhale, lift your upper body and pull your chin towards your chest. The belly is tight, the palms pull towards the feet. Keep the tension short and release it by inhaling. Your gaze goes straight, the neck stays long. Repeat this movement 20 times. Then raise your pelvis to stretch your abs. Repeat the exercise a second time so that you get a total of 40 crunches.

After the exercises for the legs:

Thigh stretching

Lie on your back and raise your knees one by one. Now put your hands on your knees from the inside and push your legs outwards. Extend your legs a little. Take a deep breath and hold the stretch for a while. Stretch once as you exhale. Stays in stretch for 20 seconds.

Thigh stretching (front)

Turn to the left, stretch, and rest your head on your arm. Now grasp the right ankle with your right hand and gently guide it to the bottom. Do not make a hollow back, the knees lie on each other. Take a deep breath and stretch once as you exhale. Hold the stretch for 20 seconds, then switch sides.

Butt legs stretching

Sit cross-legged and place your right foot in front of your left thigh. Now pull your right knee towards you with your left hand. Take a deep breath. Stretch once as you exhale. Hold for 20 seconds, then switch sides.

Belly stretching

Lie on your stomach, the tips of your toes point outwards. Support yourself on your forearms, your elbows are below your shoulders, your palms face up. Raise your upper body slowly. The view goes ahead. Take a deep breath. Stretch once as you exhale. Hold for 20 seconds.

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