Large Scale Synthesis of Peptides in Canada

Large-scale synthesis of peptides in Canada becomes applicable when you require more than 1gm of peptides. It is not always that a researcher would need a large volume of peptides, however, studies involving therapeutics and biological additives in the healthcare industry, are known to require lots of custom peptides, thus necessitating large-scale peptide synthesis.

Large-scale peptide synthesis involves more than just the normal addition of raw materials to the process of synthesis. To properly scale up and obtain the synthesis desired, the “de novo” protocol development is always necessary.

The aim of the protocol is to ensure that the synthesis process will produce high quality peptides and that it will also be economically sustainable. It implies that not just every company offering custom peptide synthesis will always be the right fit for you.

If you needed large-scale synthesis, it would be imperative to work with a reliable manufacturer with the proven skills, expertise and technology to provide high quality custom peptides. Otherwise, you are bound to land a manufacturer who will not just give you poor quality synthetic peptides, but will also avail them to you at expensive rates.

Most of the features present in small-scale custom peptide synthesis will still be available in custom synthesis processes, and these include quality certification, high purity, high synthesis success rate, and faster synthesis process. However, there are certain features that will conspicuously lack in terms of the standard synthesis process, but will be available in large-scale synthesis due to the magnitude of the service.

Some of these features include the production of R&D reports and parameter qualification reports. Additionally, customers are allowed to request certain custom features for large-scale peptide synthesis, such as free sample preparation, to let you know what to expect after the synthesis is done.

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