Injuries and bone fractures are one of the hazards and fear of every athletes and individual, they always make sure that they are prepared, and their health condition is at good state. Even those who are not an athlete by sports would always look for a lot of ways to take care of their body and most especially their health. Some of the gym instructors would always maintain the integrity of their muscles and will always seek help from a professional if they are experiencing something in their body that needs medical attention, believing their performance would always be at good standing. MK28766 or “Ostarine” is a type of drug that is famous for its health contributions to those people who are currently taking it, making their body become more professional and active than before. It is one of the most popular drugs that others consider taking in and everybody depends on Ostarine to protect them from accidental injuries such as bone injury. MK2866 or “Ostarine” is developed by GTX Pharmaceuticals. MK2866 is different from S1, Ostarine has an effect much stronger than S1. Ostarine is used for faster recovery from injuries. If a user is taking prescribed medicine, Ostarine can interact with those drugs and prevent the drug’s effect in causing bone density loss.  Ostarine targets muscles only as its selective mechanism and does not affect other tissues like prostate and brain. Most users will gain muscle size at least 5 to 10 pounds within 8 to 12 weeks, if the user stopped taking Ostarine, muscle gain will be in a limited period only. Ostarine does not increase cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Ostarine is prohibited in sports athletes and no medications were produced containing Ostarine. Overconsumption of Ostarine can make someone feel weak or lack of energy and can disrupt sleeping habits. The recommended dosage is 25 milligrams per day for 8 to 12 weeks and can be taken on an empty stomach or with food. According to the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), MK2866 or “Ostarine” has few androgenic properties and less effect on male hormones. Medical practitioners consider it as an effective treatment for different health conditions and not causing harmful side effects like steroids. Ostarine is currently being studied to find out if it is a possible treatment for muscle wasting diseases such as Cancer, HIV, and Osteoporosis. Cancer and HIV tends to make a patient more prone to muscle wasting or shrinking of the most important muscle parts found in the body. Osteoporosis can also affect the body by suffering from a bad posture and could also worsen the situation, making the person more prone to injuries and accidents. Ostarine is one of the alternatives that a patient is experiencing from their current health condition. Some studies would show that there is an improvement in the muscle mass and eagerness of the patient in recovering from difficult health conditions. Seek advice from a medical physician for the proper amount of dosage if planning to take Ostarine, as this can still help us consider the beneficial and harmful side effects to our health.

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