Anatidaephobia – Whether or not it is a real phobia and how to cope with it

There are several phobias which might initially seem to be humorous and funny but they are understood only by those who are the sufferers on a regular basis. You have to understand that this not a matter of joke and such is the case of anatidaephobia. This is a phobia where a person constantly feels that a goose or a duck is continuously watching the person. It is not necessary that the person will feel scared about the fact that the goose or duck will attack him or touch him. The fear only comprises of the feeling that the goose might be watching him or monitoring him throughout the entire day.

There are several online sites like where it has already been discussed about whether or not anatidaephobia is a real phobia or not. Anything which causes extreme fear to a person is called phobia and they can sometimes be paralyzing as well. Read on to know more on this phobia.

Trying to understand phobias

If you’re afraid of a duck at the local pond just because it had attacked your pet dog the other day is pretty rational and it has a good reason behind it. However, being scared of all ducks everywhere due to the fact that they might be watching you or waiting to attack you is not rational at all. In spite of being aware of the fact that this fear is totally irrational, those who already suffer from this phobia can’t stop themselves from feeling scared of a goose or a duck.

A person who is suffering from anatidaephobia will experience both physical and mental symptoms whenever the stimuli are present like panic attacks, anxiety, nausea and shaking. This is when even the funniest phobias are taken seriously when it starts involving with your daily activities.

Symptoms of anatidaephobia

The symptoms are almost similar to those that are seen in other phobias. The symptoms can be mental, emotional or even physical. As everyone will experience a situation in a different manner, their reaction will also be different. Anxiety is a symptom which occurs with everyone who is suffering from some kind of phobia.

A person who isn’t suffering from anatidaephobia might scare a goose away by playing tricks but someone who is suffering will always have that fear prevalent in his mind. The fear of ducks will refuse to leave the person.

Therefore, when you know someone who is suffering from anatidaephobia, you should seek help of a counsellor who can help you deal with such issues with their psychotherapy techniques.


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