How to Easily Remove Your Tonsil Stones for Good

Tonsil stones can be really stressful at times. If you leave them to grow big enough, removing them can be just as difficult as dealing with the symptoms they cause. Which if you’ve ever had a tonsil infection before know how painful and discomforting this can be.

So to help you out I’ve outlined some of the most effective methods available for making tonsil stone removal as easy as possible. These are remedies I have used myself so I know how helpful they can be.

Antibacterial Gargle

In order to help loosen off the tonsil stones, it’s helpful gargle an antibacterial solution each day. You have a few options for to choose from but I think it’s easiest (and cheapest) to go with a home remedy. Which gives you a choice between apple cider vinegar and salt water.

Both fulfil the same purpose and promote similar results, it’s just up to your preference as to which one you choose – if you’re having trouble with a sore throat I recommend the apple cider vinegar.

Mix 1 tablespoon of either ingredient to 1 glass of water and begin sipping away at it. With every sip, tilt your head back and begin swirling it around your mouth, making sure it reaches your tonsils. This will loosen up the stones and could even break them down, both of which make it easier to remove them.

After gargling for about 15 seconds, spit the mixture out and continue with the rest of the glass.

Dental Irrigation Syringe

These small piece of equipment are usually seen in dentist offices and are used to squirt water (or an antibacterial solution) around the teeth and gums. So they can be pretty useful, but they are even more useful to tonsil stone sufferers.

If you notice that the tonsil stones is stuck either behind or underneath your tonsils then reaching it can be a real hassle. You can’t quite shake it out of place or even dislodge it with your finger. This is where the syringe comes in.

Because of its bent tip, it’s able to get around your tonsils. Making for much better access to the stones and easier removal.

And even if the stone is stuck deep within the tonsils, the syringe can still be very effective. The tip is small enough so that it can fit within the tonsillar crypt and get to the bottom of the stone. Where you can squirt water and force it out of place.

Water Flosser

This is a special piece of equipment and could cost you a few bucks, but if you’re prone to regular, big tonsil stones then it could be just the thing you need.

The water flosser, as you can guess, is designed to help you floss your teeth with water. You aim it at the bottom of your teeth, press a button and it produces at sharp, pressurised stream of water to help your remove any debris that is stuck.

The pressure of the water stream can be quite powerful so it can also be very helpful in removing deep tonsil stones. You would use it in a similar manner to the syringe – aim at the crypts of the tonsils and force the stones out.

It’s a great tool and can be perfect for any long time sufferer of tonsil stones.

You just need to be careful when using it. As I said it can be powerful so it’s best to test it out before use – otherwise you could hurt yourself!

Final Words

There you go, now you know how to easily get rid of tonsils stones. Just take advantage of some of the methods I’ve spoken about here and I’m sure your infection will cease causing you regular frustration.

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