How to quench your sweet craving with healthy snacking during pregnancy?  

During pregnancy you have a lot of strange cravings. One of them being that, you may develop is a massive sweet tooth and suddenly during midnight you are hunting your refrigerator to some have something sweet. But, while doing that you remember that, your doctor has waned you that, excessive sweet intake during this time can flare up your blood-sugar level, which is an absolute “No-No” during your pregnancy.

Here ‘s a list of healthy options for you which will help to satisfy your “sweet” taste buds without offsetting your blood sugar levels.

  • Try a Delicious Fruit Salad: Eating fresh sweet fruits is surely a healthy choice whenever hunger strikes you, during your pregnancy. Fruits after all, are rich sources of Vitamin C. Whenever you are having them, you are also absorbing a good amount of iron in your body. Just give it a twist! Try out a delicious fruit salad. Take a few segments of oranges and grapefruits separately. Make sure you take ripe oranges and grapefruits which will add natural sweetness to your salad. Punch it with some thick and creamy curd and mix it up with some salt. Don’t forget to sprinkle chopped mint and some pepper over it. A healthy combination of Vitamin C and protein is ready for you. Don’t wait! Just gulp it in!
  • Fruity Ice Cream is yummy! When you read this, we know that “tutti-fruity” is going to come to your mind first. But fruity ice cream is actually a “no-recipe” simple, but healthy dessert, which will surely keep your sweet cravings under control. Take a seasonal ripe fruit base, maybe a mango or apple, filled with natural sweetness and goodness and top it up with just about a small scoop of ice-cream. Too much of ice-cream is too much of sweetness! Too much of sweetness might increase your blood-sugar level. So just a small scoop will be enough to satisfy your sweet-tooth. Now are you ready for fruity and healthy goodness?
  • Almonds in Curd and honey: Dry fruits, specially Almonds, loaded with folate and vitamin B6 is recommended instead. If you can have it in the right amount. But only almonds will not be enough to fill either your stomach or your heart. Dip it into curd, which is a natural source of calcium and probiotics. Top it up with organic honey and you are good-to-go!
  • Daliya can be a tasty option too: Make a bowl of oat meal or “daliya” (porridge) and top it with freshly cut naturally sweet fruits or variety nuts or sprouts for a snack. This will be a healthy and tasty way of fibre and protein intake.
  • A healthy smoothie will be very soothing: Enough of getting lectured on the goodness of fruits during your pregnancy. Enough of having fruits too. Why not make a delicious and refreshing smoothie with honey and oatmeal and make your sweet-tooth happy?
  • Be creative with Melon: You wake up in the middle of night to fill your cravings for sweet with ice-creams, and find a bowl of fresh, sweet and juicy melons cut in cubes. When you can’t have ice-cream or chocolates, be creative with watermelon. Blend some watermelon, squeeze some lime juice and freeze it for a few healthy sips later on.
  • Chicpeas (Channa or Chole) replaces chocolates: The sweetness of chocolates may not really be sweet for you. But you can have your chickpeas (a rich-source of protein, iron, calcium and omega-3 fatty acid) boiled, instead. Mash it with ginger and garlic, add a few drops of soyabean oil and squeeze a lime to make it into for a healthy “chole chaat”. Carrot and cucumber sticks is a nutritious combination to go with it. Add a couple of raisins if you want to give a sweet twist to your tangy chaat.

Don’t snack sweet, Snack Smart!

This beside, sabudana kheer with double-tone milk sweetened with jaggery (gur, for a substitute of sugar) in small quantities can surely help you cover up for your sweet-cravings during your pregnancy, and stock your body up with some of the most important nutrients necessary for the baby’s development.

Just remember, the baby inside will have whatever you’re craving for. So, snack smart and enjoy every moment of your pregnancy journey.

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