Protecting Yourself from Erectile Dysfunction

As men get older, experiencing erectile dysfunction, or ED, becomes more common. However, it is not a given that men have to experience this issue as age increases. There are some ways that medical experts have outlined to combat ED and possibly avoid it entirely.

A Healthy Diet

If a diet is bad for your heart, then it is likely impacting the ability to get or maintain erections. Research has indicated a pattern between the foods that cause heart attack that are caused by restricted flor of blood to coronary arteries and erectile dysfunction. The same foods that inhibit blood flow do the same to the penis, causing issues when erections. Fatty foods as well as processed and fried foods should be reduced or cut out of the diet completely.

Control Blood Pressure & Cholesterol

If you have high blood pressure or cholesterol, there is a chance that damage is being done to the vessels that transport blood to the penis. Over time, these conditions may lead to ED. Check in with your doctor to regularly check your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol levels. You may even be able to get free screenings at pharmacies, fire stations, and other public places. If you’re taking blood pressure medications, this could also contribute to a difficulty maintaining or getting erections.

Watch Your Testosterone Levels

As men age, testosterone levels may begin to fall. A sharp decline often occurs around the age of 50, resulting in loss of libido, lack of stamina, and changes in mood. A Testosterone therapy clinic can assess your testosterone levels and recommend treatments to increase your hormone level and restore the ability to sustain erections. If you notice problems with ED, visit a medical professional to confirm a deficiency in testosterone.

Get Regular Exercise

There is strong evidence that links sedentary lifestyles to experiencing erectile dysfunction. However, aerobic exercises have been proven to prevent the occurrence of ED. Be sure to watch for exercises that put pressure on your perineum, which lies between the anus and scrotum. If pressure is excessive, blood vessels and nerves can be compressed and have adverse effects. In particular, cyclists should be careful to wear cycling pants with pads and stand frequently while riding.You can take control of your body and prevent erectile dysfunction from affecting you as you age. Exercising often, watching for health issues, and eating a healthy diet are some of the best ways to combat ED and maintain a healthy libido.

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