10 tricks to lose weight without diet

All people, especially women, look for alternatives to lose weight, such as changing their diet, but often renounce them because of the commitment that is needed to carry them out. Therefore, here healthy eating veg brings you 10 tricks to lose weight without diet and without effort.

According to information published by CNN , with these tips you will improve your image, you will be dismissed of the extra kilos without diet and you will not spend extra hours in the gym:

1- Buy blue crockery: This color helps control hunger and reduce anxiety, so you will avoid excessive food intake. Completely avoid the red dishes, because this tone stimulates the appetite.

2 – Avoid liquids in food: Drinking water during food will make your digestion becomes slow, which will generate inflammation and discomfort. Once you have finished your food, wait a few minutes before drinking any liquid.

3- Meditate: This technique helps balance your mind and relax your body. In addition, it helps you lose weight without diet, because it reduces stress , which causes hormones to be altered and generate a buildup of fat .

4- Wear comfortable shoes: When you walk you burn a lot of calories and tone your buttocks, back and calves. So take advantage of any time to do this activity and lose weight without diet.

5- Use sugar substitutes: There are currently this type of products made with Stevia, which is a South American plant that is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It does not contain calories, so you do not gain weight.

6- Use floral aromas: According to a study by Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Aromas and Flavors Research Foundation in Chicago, 190 men were asked to calculate the weight of a woman; in doing so, they underestimated it by up to 7% when the women wore a floral perfume.

7- Breakfast fruit: This food stimulates digestion , so your metabolism works in a more efficient way. After the fruit you can ingest little carbohydrates to give you energy.

8- Alcohol with measure: The researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, say that women who drink alcohol are less likely to gain weight than abstainers, because this type of drink speeds up metabolism and curbs appetite. Remember that you should consume it in moderation, and preferably it should be just a glass of red wine.

9- Enjoy the aroma of the dishes: The aroma of the food sends a signal to the brain that they have just eaten food, so a feeling of satisfaction is experienced. Before giving each bite, take a deep breath, this will curb your appetite.

10- Distract your mind: Wash your teeth after eating. Besides being a good hygiene habit, you will avoid the temptation to eat. If you feel a craving, chew gum or fruit.

With these tips forget about overweight. It is a good example to change your habits and improve your quality of life. In addition, with them you will have a more defined silhouette that you will be able to obtain without diet or sacrifices. You can read more about weight loss on https://healthyeatingveg.com.

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